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Nevada Anatomical Gift Act Law

Uniform Anatomical Gift – General – Nevada


A “document of gift” is a card, a statement imprinted on a driver’s license or identification card, a will, or other writing used to make an anatomical gift.

A “donor” is a person who makes an anatomical gift of all or part of his body.

Anatomical Gifts
460.140 Duties of School of Medicine; “donor” defined.

1. The School of Medicine shall:

(a) Establish and carry out educational programs relating to anatomical gifts;

(b) Establish and carry out local and statewide programs to acknowledge publicly families of donors;

(c) Prepare and distribute information relating to anatomical gifts; and

(d) If the Dean determines that there is sufficient money in the Anatomical Gift Account created by NRS 460.150, pay the costs for the transplantation of an organ or tissue, including the cost for any medicine required as a result of the transplantation.

2. As used in this section, “donor” has the meaning ascribed to it in

460.150 Gifts, grants, appropriations and donations: Authority of School of Medicine; Anatomical Gift Account; disposition of money and claims.

1. The School of Medicine may apply for and accept any gifts, grants, appropriations or donations to assist the School of Medicine in carrying out programs relating to anatomical gifts.

2. Any money received by the School of Medicine for programs relating to anatomical gifts must be deposited in the State Treasury for credit to the Anatomical Gift Account which is hereby created in the State General Fund. The Dean shall administer the Account.

3. The money in the Account must only be used to:

(a) Carry out the provisions of NRS 460.140; and

(b) Pay the costs incurred by the School of Medicine to administer programs relating to anatomical gifts. The total amount paid pursuant to this paragraph in any one fiscal year must not exceed 20 percent of the average balance of the Account for the immediately preceding fiscal year.

4. The money in the Account must:

(a) Be invested as money in other state accounts is invested; and

(b) Remain in the Account and does not revert to the State General Fund at the end of any fiscal year.

5. Each claim against the Account must be:

(a) Approved by the Dean before the claim is paid; and

(b) Paid as other claims against the State are paid.
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