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Texas Anatomical Gift Act Law

Uniform Anatomical Gift – General – Texas

General Information (§ 692.003)

A person who has testamentary capacity under the Texas Probate Code may give all or part of the person’s body for a purpose specified by statute.


“Every person who has attained the age of eighteen years, or who is or has been lawfully married, or who is a member of the armed forces of the United States or of the auxiliaries thereof or of the
maritime service at the time the will is made, being of sound mind, shall have the right and power to make a last will and testament, under the rules and limitations prescribed by law.”

Delivery of Document (§ 692.007)

If a donor makes a gift to a specified donee, the donor may deliver the will or document, or an executed copy, to the donee to expedite the appropriate procedures immediately after death. Delivery is not necessary to make the gift valid.

Amendment or Revocation of Anatomical Gift (§ 692.008)

If the donor has delivered the will or other document, or executed copy, to a specified donee, the donor may amend or revoke the gift by:

1. executing and delivering to the donee a signed statement;
2. making an oral statement in the presence of two persons that is communicated to the donee;
3. making a statement to an attending physician that is communicated to the donee; or
4. executing a signed document that is found on the donor or found in the donor’s effects.

If the donor has not delivered the document of gift to the donee, the donor may revoke the gift in a manner prescribed above or by destroying, canceling, or mutilating the document and each executed copy of the document.

If the donor made the gift by will, the donor may revoke or amend the gift in a manner prescribed above or in a manner prescribed for the amendment or revocation of a will

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